About Us

We want to welcome you and thank you for visiting Delightful Art!

We started out as an Instagram account with a desire to help new and upcoming artists display their work to a huge following and give them the recognition they deserve. Since then we have grown to a larger online presence but still maintain the same goal. We now have more resources and visibility to continue helping artists become noticed in the community, not only by fellow artists, but by art collectors, curators, and galleries.
In the spirit of helping artists, we use this website as a platform full of resources to help artists with the hard part of running a business so they can focus on what they do best – create. Within our site you will find many resources to help budding and experienced artists.

Many studios and galleries require a solid online presence from an artist before they will even consider displaying works by that person. We can help you build those platforms. From growing social media followers, to building websites, and even selling art online via an e-commerce store, the resources on our website will help you in all aspects of this.
Together we will remove barriers for artists and give all art the recognition it deserves!