Fireplace mantel and built in bookshelves

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fireplace mantel and built in bookshelves

built in bookshelves around fireplace –

This transitional-style room includes an asymmetrical bookcase design with a variety of shelf and cabinet sizes. Adding a built-in bookcase to a fireplace mantel will provide you a focal point that could cover the entire wall. The structure itself will add line, texture and dimension to the room, while the multiple shelves function as extra storage and a place to display layers of decorative items. A rich, natural finish on the wood will instantly warm the space. Choose a design and finish that will match the style of your home. Browse through interior design websites online for inspiration and ideas.
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Fireplace Mantel Surround pt. 2 Bookcase

How to Build a Fireplace Bookcase

Medium Books themselves can be artistic and decorative, especially when displayed in a variety of ways. Nail and glue all of the sides together. King Cabinetmakers uses the beauty of elegant woodworking to enrich and embellish living rooms, bedrooms and home offices.

What is important is that the bottom edge or lip be consistent. The finish in white is subtly stylish and very modern. More by the author:. Glue and nail the center support and to back corner supports!

Be sure the power is off to any outlets or switchboxes you are working on. Hand tools Tape measure Levels, 2 foot and 6 inch. Hanging the TV was relatively simple. The error can't be seen in the finished product!

If you have tall baseboard, especially when displayed in a mantsl of ways. Books themselves can be artistic and decorative, you will want to raise the shelf or just live with a lip along the bottom of the face frame. Use your stud markings or the old nail holes as a guide to attache these boards. Infrared quartz bookshelces the more efficient of the two and are suited for large rooms that are up to square feet.

Fireplace cabinetry from T. King Cabinetmakers uses the beauty of elegant woodworking to enrich and embellish living rooms, bedrooms and home offices.
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I had been wanting to build a bookcase around our fireplace ever since we built this house nearly 20 years ago, but there was always some other project that took priority. That changed this year when my wife decided it would be acceptable to mount a 60 inch flat screen over the mantle where a painting had been. Once that flat-screen went up over the fireplace, the wires from the TV to the cabinet drove me absolutely nuts. So I decided to do something about it. With the new bookcase in place and the armoire gone, the room looks much larger, probably in part because the bookcase takes up space that wasn't useful before.


There is also a support in the front center of the cabinet? Living Space. If you plan to install a center channel speaker above the TV as I did, run the wiring for it now. Install your electronics.

You will need to cut a section out of this piece also. Note: If you plan on running electrical, place a piece of wood between the bar and the wall so the wall isn't buolt. If you have to use a crowbar, make sure you follow your local code or bring in an electrician to help. A 2x3 is attached under the bottom shelf at the front and back of the cabinet.

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  1. DecorPad photos bookshelves around fireplace. Highlighting a fireplace, built-in glass shelves stand out in a living room featuring lights in the niches while a tv is mounted on the centered cast limestone fireplace mantle. Charming living room features a blue and gray abstract art piece hung over a painted white brick fireplace filled with potted plants. Contemporary den finished in black walls, custom moldings and built-in bookshelves flanking a black marble fireplace lit by brass picture lights. 👩‍👧

  2. Drill and screw through the cleats above the top shelf of the bookcases into the furring strips you placed earlier! Sand so the front faces are smooth and paint. Home Improvement Fireplaces. Now that everything is painted, bring it all back in and set it up again.

  3. This was a little frustrating sometimes but was not ajd huge deal. Salt Lake City This beautiful set of living room furniture is a combination of charming fireplace, space for TV and numerous bookshelves and cabinets. A carpenters square should fit snugly in inside corners. A small rotary saw like a Dremel or roto-zip would be nice to have for cutting holes for electrical.👾

  4. Accent Chests and Dressers. You may be able to do this without clamps, but it will be a challenge! It resembles a burning log and emits a continual warm glow. I caulked where the firepalce brick meets the bottom of the fireplace surround using masking tape.🦹‍♀️

  5. Cheat a little. New, over-sized outlet covers as needed. I also made sure that my base cabinets were 48 inches wide and my bookcases were a little less than 24 inches wide. What is important is that the bottom edge or lip be consistent.

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