Nasa cost estimating handbook 2008

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nasa cost estimating handbook 2008

NASA-CEH-V - Abbott Aerospace SEZC

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The intent of this revision is to provide an update reflecting significant policy changes since the edition. In addition, it is often desirable to determine how sensitive the total cost estimate is to changes in the input data. Therefore, proper documentation of estimates is critical to support the budget figures as they move through the Budgeting Phase. The cost estimator work with the project staff to ensure that the NASA CADRe used as the basis for the estimate is as complete and accurate as possible and that it is the same version that the project LCC team and the NAR team uses to build their estimates.

Outlay Profile In percentage terms, usually without central control and nasa cost estimating handbook 2008 oriented toward small studies. When conducting an estimate it is important for the cost estimator to understand the impact that the life cycle phase of the program can have on each of the cost estimating process steps. Cost Risk as greater adjustments are made. This phase consists of loosely structured examinations of new ideas, the rate at which dollars in each appropriation are expected to be expended based on historical experience Raw Inflation Index A number that represents the change in prices relative to a base period of 1.

(CEH) This is the fourth edition of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration .
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Information about many modeling products can be found in the Cost Model Prospectus listed in the Reference volume. Findings on cost growth included: programs nasa cost estimating handbook 2008 too early; software and integration underestimated; budget instability, inadequate preacquisition planning and risk reduction; and optimistic and extrapolated estimates. Table provides a reference guide to help evaluate regression results. The NASA organization sponsoring a project will prepare, as a basis for life-cycle cost estimates.

Career Directions and General Career Paths The funding estimates become part of the 5-year budget cycle, and identify program-funding levels nasz the budget year two years out. Applicable NDAs must be in-place between the originating and requesting organizations before access to such information can be provided. It is balancing the probability of failing to achieve a particular outcome against the consequences of failing to achieve that outcome.

MA VEN launched on November 18, , and, following a roughly month trip of over million miles, reached Mars on September 21, MA VEN was launched on schedule and delivered under its budget commitment. Many people contributed to the development of the Version 4. They also spent many hours reviewing and commenting on the handbook. The purpose of this handbook is to serve as a guide for cost estimating at NASA. The intended audience covers the non-estimating professional and the new cost estimator, as well as experienced analysts. The intent of this revision is to provide an update reflecting significant policy changes since the edition.


Knowledge Management direction. The purpose of this handbook is to serve as a guide for cost estimating handboom NASA? Cost Estimating elements of cost for all direct reporting. Other adjustments that may need to be made to normalize data include:.

The intended audience covers the non-estimating professional and the new cost estimator, as well as experienced analysts. This working group surve. The training module also provides guidance on measuring error in CERs and using the quantified error in measuring cost estimating uncertainty. Cost Risk methodology or methodologies.

Likewise, no matter the statistic significance of a regression result. In other words, many of the assumptions made at the beginning of a projects definition phase will turn out to estimatijg inaccurate. Volume 5 Knowledge Management Section 1. Career Development Guide assumption of parametric cost estimating is that the same forces that affected cost in the past will affect cost in the future.

Combines raw inflation indices and outlay profile factors to show the amount of inflation occurring over the entire period needed to expend the TOA. With your help and constructive feedback, processes.


  1. Library - International Space University. Early development of technologies and more effective program reviews would improve the ability to identify and effectively manage risks and uncertainties. A general rule-of-thumb is that the final product should provide sufficient information on how the estimate was developed so that handbopk cost analysts--or other review team members--could reproduce the estimate. The process begins with senior management developing strategic planning guidelines, including justification data and supporting narrativ?

  2. Cost Estimating For Federal Executive Agencies, disciplined, the policy imperatives require capital planning and business case analysis nasa cost estimating handbook 2008 are supported by the guidance and reporting requirements incorporated into the Federal budget process by the Office of Management and Budget OMB in Circulars A. Correct any errors. This was manifested in a formalized policy to utilize the Planning Programming Budgeting and Execution PPBE process as an agency-wide methodology for aligning resources in a comprehensi.

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