Daughter of smoke and bone book 2

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daughter of smoke and bone book 2

Days of Blood & Starlight by Laini Taylor

In the previous book, Karou finally discovered who she really was, having thought for the majority of the book that she was a slightly odd human. Throughout the book, we watch as both Akiva and Karou come to terms with what happened in the previous book, along with the horror of the war their two peoples are waging and what they could possibly do to stop it and help their dream of peace to come to Eretz. This is very peculiar book with animals made from teeth, pain and magic alongside angel soldiers, human puppets and random Monty Python referencing emails. Mostly, it does manage to work due to each character having their own distinct voice. Taylor allows the reader access to the angels in this novel far more than the previous one. We discover how they feel about the war, we also learn about the different types of angels how they are all created and how they work or not together. We are also given a lot more information about the chimera, how they are surviving and what the different types have as their central characteristics.
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Daughter of Smoke and Bone, Laini Taylor - Part 2

Days of Blood and Starlight is a young adult fantasy novel written by Laini Taylor. It was published in November by Hachette Book Group, an imprint of Little, Brown and Company. The book is the second in a trilogy, preceded by Daughter of.

Daughter of Smoke and Bone Trilogy

She lost everything she held dear and permanent in her life, they fell in love and dreamt of a world devoid of war and strife, consumed by regret and shame and guilt which, he just didn't know! Despite him being seraphim and her being chimae. Wonder no more. And one day she does forgive him for something he d.

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This is the best sequel I have ever read.
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So Taylor had written this post over at Figment. My interest in the writing routines of authors, I lapped up the article, helpfully annotated with Instagrams of her notebook. I have always been a fantasy lover, but Taylor had given me a basic supernatural romance to love. The story itself is a love story first and an epic fantasy war after, and usually I would cry foul. But Daughter has simply dazzled me. I also adored how Taylor took two widely written about topics; Romeo and Juliet, Angel and Demon and then turned it all on its head by including a plotline of Wishes and Teeth!


There's so much nuance to both the themes and the characters; this is a book you could analyze for hours. What I find even more infuriating is that yours is the only review I can find about this series on this topic Roman statues were everywhere, life-size gods and nymphs with missing arms and wings, and is trying to make things right again. She finally found out who she is and w.

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