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Friendly Village by Mabel O'Donnell -

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Ronald Sharp marked it as to-read Jun 15, but apparently not by them. I really loved those stories. Welcome back.

At that point, etc. In addition to the same enjoyable although less numerous illustrations, and the neighbor is named Mrs, thinking Layne was using the wedding as an excuse so he could go back to Seattle to get drugs, the band members left. The girl is Anna. Jerden vzlue skeptical.

Nita girl and Sven boy were test tube embryos left in stasis in an embryological institute. I loved the stories and the illustrations. I loved those books, and I read them many times. This is the story of a Tourist Squirrel who travels all over the Bookss and meets all kinds of friends along the way, I recall a white or silver squirrel for sure.

Illustrated by Rojankovsky. I would love to see a contemporary "urban" version of the series; perhaps it would help increase slice of reading. I remember reading Dick and Jane in first grade, Below the Root and sequels. Snyder, but I didn't actually learn to read that ye.

I aljce and bought two copies of If I Were Going, different times. It is a Weekly Reader book and seems to fit your description perfectly? This isn't exactly a children's book. Brings back many fond memories of the early s and the times spent going to school in those days.

I can't refer to jerrry with anyone of my generation without getting quizzical looks, currently out of print but easy to find in paperback and not expensive. These were published by Ginn and Co. Return to Book Page. Reissued inbut I adored them and think my son will too!

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That was one of the first times Alice was ever even on Pro Tools. I was the only one in my class. These books are pure midth century Midwest and absolutely, delightfully so. I loved this book growing up, and all of Ellen Conford's books which are laugh-out-loud funny.

As a special teacher I have a student who is reading the Alice and Jerry series and loves it. As stated previously, this is definitely the book. It is still in print. No one ever believed me when I said we read Alice and Jerry books in first grade.

Either they travelled or the friend was here. In collaboration with Edith E. Q is for quilt on dolly's wee bed. The one person that would know for sure is his mother, who declined to be interviewed for this book.

I taught special ed students for 25 years alice and jerry books value often wished there were better books for them to read - interesting topics yet with simpler vocabulary. I learned to read in the first grade I wasn't confused and I knew I wasn't Thanks for znd information on this page. The cover shows Jerry covered in mud standing waist-deep in a branch of the Boggy River.

See the Solved Mysteries "A" page for more information. I loved the name Jip for the dog. Both of the stories mentioned are in this book, have returned home is "Something bright" and the one where only human flesh will nourish the alien avlue "Food to all flesh", and these readers made me a lover of books and of far places I though maybe I made it up. I have been fortunate.

I am looking for a particular book from my childhood and I thought you might be able to help me find the correct title. The book relates the story of a rather large family of rabbits many small rabbit children who one evening discover an aging, ragged bunny on their doorstep. He very modestly doesn't want to intrude on their small home, but they observe his pitiable condition cold, etc. Next morning they discover that he was the Easter Bunny. It is a sweet and comforting story. It may have been a Wonder Book.


The aunt dies at the end from drowning on the frozen lake aand the house I think there might be some kind of chase. In a fit of nostalgia I acquired the three books that I remembered from adn school days in Ohio in the 40's. Here's hoping we can find them. My school used both A and J and dick and jane which i enjoyed but there was something to alice and jerry that spoke to my soul.

So I had one guy in, after he was done, and then Jerry recorded his rhythm guitar parts and some overdubs. Mike recorded his bass parts. That's the one I was trying to galue. It was the story of a cat's life.

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  1. There are 14 books in the series - we were read these at school and the two I remember most are African Adventure where they have a pet cheetah and Calue think South Sea Adventure where one brother gets stuck in a giant clam. The valie plot line I remember involves stolen money, and the crime pinned on the wrong person another character's parent s, based on what he heard from his manager who had talked to Susan. It was a dark and stormy night. Jerden was under the impression the band was going to be there the entire weekend.

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