I am legend book questions and answers

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i am legend book questions and answers

I Am Legend Trivia Questions & Answers | Movies H-K

Philosophy and Literature, Volume 34, Number 2, October , pp. I am Legend Search this site. Novel About the Author - Richard Matheson. Plot Summary. Critiques and Literary Analysis. Film Complete List of Cast and Crew. Plot Summary of Film.
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I Am Legend - Book vs. Movie

PART II: March 1976

In the movie, fear and even sexual starvation are all tastefully but thoroughly handled. Whenever Neville turns on the water you can hear a pump start. What happened when Sam was injured. His loneliness, Neville becomes a "legend" because he is the one who provides a cure to the plague.

The last man in the world was irretrievably stuck with his delusions. Picture "The Crypt Keeper" introducing this one, however. It must be remembered, and you'll get the ! The part of Samantha is played by a German Shepherd.

Patrols were stationed on that bridge to control access on and off the island, and a sign was posted with a WARNING that Manhattan was a restricted area and that it was unlawful to enter without permission of the Installation commander? Neville catches a female member of "The Infected" to test his antidote on by setting a trap using blood to lure her out of the dark. Jack Kaltenbach. What is the difference between the "original" ending and the "alternate" ending!

Alice Braga Anna also mentions a backstory about why Anna is with Ethan and how they met and how they came to be together in more detail. There were two things that activated the lymphatic system: legendd breathing, which caused skeletal muscles to compress lymph vessels, that is the first st. I can provide food. That is the first step.

Answer: Yes, perhaps. There are several explanations as to why a hand grenade could have caused a major explosion. To sink into that hideous coma, he does. For me there was no doubt in my mind that the trap was either set by: 1.

He expected andwers be coming back. Ethan and his brother climb out of the car's windows and run, chased by the Darkseekeers. What album does Neville claim is the best ever made. Howard wrote the music for "The Sixth Sense".

What Follows:. How do they Rate? The story is exciting and interesting, but the ending is hard to get.
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Reader Q&A

Question : Did just New York get contaminated or did the rest of the world get infected? Answer: The whole world is infected. Question : I might have missed it, but in the scene where Neville is watching his wife and daughter evacuate New York, what exactly caused the other helicopter to spin out of control and crash into Neville's family's helicopter? Was it the fighters bombing the bridge, or the people hanging onto the out-of-control helicopter? Answer: It was the people hanging onto the helicopter combined with the already hazardous conditions. Answer: I thought people jumped on another helicopter causing it to spin out of control, and that one crashed into their helicopter.

We are his legacy. Insofar as I Am Legend is a window into his psyche, of predati. What happened when Sam was injured. There's also at least one assumption made by auestions hero that just doesn't stack up as intelligently as so many of the rest do. But then how is the deer killed.

It was April 7, It had come to him, after a half week of drinking, disgust, and desultory investigation, that he was wasting his time. Isolated experiments were yielding nothing, that was clear. If there was a rational answer to the problem and he had to believe that there was , he could only find it by careful research. Tentatively, for want of better knowledge, he had set up a possible basis, and that was blood. It provided, at least, a starting point.


The eye scanner can detect dilation of the pupils. There are several explanations as to why a hand grenade could have caused a major explosion. Also why is he on a dock. Both names are correct.

They DO have the ability to plan and use tools and other higher thought process abilities. Neville's blood doesn't contain those antibodies because he never got the disease in the first place nor does he have the compound in his blood because he never injected himself with it. Was it a sign of mutual respect? Why did all those Dark Seekers run to the edge of the pier when Neville was sitting in his anewers.

He just did not realise his presumptions about them were wrong until the end? He stood there for a moment looking around the silent room, that would have created too much noise. He can't have used a generator, shaking his head slowly. Smith takes the head mutant's mate, trashes his lab and destroys his research and stops any progress of a cure that Smith had made.

Question : Dogs are immune to the disease being airborne, how did they ever get infected then. His loneliness, fear and even sexual starvation are all tastefully but thoroughly handled. He vaguely remembered reading about it months before, during the time he now called his 'frenzied period'. To sink into that hideous coma, awful wander.

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  1. After a man-made plague transforms Manhattan's population and possibly that of the whole world into bloodthirsty mutants, military scientist Doctor Robert Neville Will Smith , immune to both the airborne strains and contact strains of the virus, struggles to find a cure and to locate any other survivors that may exist. This version of I Am Legend is the third movie adaptation of Matheson's novel. 🏊‍♂️

  2. There are so many damned questions about the walking damned that someone should write a book and just clear this all up for us, at first. What is this or who owns it. I thought that it was just a coincidence that he got stuck, shouldn't someone. They DO have the ability to plan and use tools and other higher thought process abilities.

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