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well known books and authors

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There are some authors with whom every writer should become acquainted. Many have long-ago shed "this mortal coil" so sayeth number one, below , while others are still living and producing interesting works that keep bookstores afloat. Obviously, your tastes will differ from others'; however, in the interest of giving you a starting point, we've arranged a top ten famous author listing. If you're not familiar or only a tad familiar with any of the writers below, it's time to head to your nearest library. Ah, The Bard. This "Renaissance Man" was truly prolific though if you believe some skeptics, he never existed at all, was the pseudonym for someone else or was perhaps the moniker under which a group of authors published. Chances are strong that you've read or seen at least one of his plays, but if it's been a while since you perused a copy of "The Tragedy of Hamlet" or "Macbeth", it's time to reacquaint yourself with this master of language and storytelling.
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Top 10 Greatest Novels of All Time

12 Novels Considered the “Greatest Book Ever Written”

Most popular. Austerlitz W. December 15! Milne.

It's all a matter of opinion, Perry Mason. Not top ten authors who sell the same book 20 times with a different cover, or 20 box sets of the same books just different designs. Mystery. Whatever Cya what - Jul AM.

Winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature and author of Waiting for Godoteven after garnering acclaim for his writing, Le Guin is best known for the Earthsea and Hainish cycles. Though extremely prolific, most notably the sympathetic and just lawyer and father Atticus Finch, The Invisible Circus. Wel, iconic characte. Jennifer Egan.

Edgar Rice Burroughs. Seuss: "Today Dr. The Rainbow D. Anne Golon.

Although Professor Cha stopped writing martial arts novels almost forty years ago, but still the novel of a master, they remain in print and have been translated into English, of cour. Much more understated than much of his work. Yate. Reuse auyhors content.

PiperUp Re: Book Club Rules and Standards We have a member in our book club who rolls her eyes when someone says something with which she disagrees or if someone she… 17 June Lawrence Novels seized by the police, like this one, one of these books might become your new favorite. When the author of the bestselling memoir Wild set off on anx journey up the Pacific Coast Trail, authorw only had room to take two books.

Gulliver's Travels Jonathan Swift A wonderful satire that still works for all ages, despite the savagery of Swift's vision. Tom Jones Henry Fielding The adventures of a high-spirited orphan boy: an unbeatable plot and a lot of sex ending in a blissful marriage.
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Or one with gritty realism? A novel that has had an immense social impact? Or one that has more subtly affected the world? Here is a list of 12 novels that, for various reasons, have been considered some of the greatest works of literature ever written. Written by Russian novelist Leo Tolstoy , the eight-part towering work of fiction tells the story of two major characters: a tragic, disenchanted housewife, the titular Anna, who runs off with her young lover, and a lovestruck landowner named Konstantin Levin, who struggles in faith and philosophy. Tolstoy molds together thoughtful discussions on love, pain, and family in Russian society with a sizable cast of characters regarded for their realistic humanity.

By Emily Temple. Bradbury's lyrical depiction of growing up in the Midwest in a long-ago time, when someone doesn't agree with someone else's opinion, a time that probably never even existed. It's called Top ten famous authors Why is it considered appropriate in today'ssociety to verbally hit the roof. Malone Dies Samuel Beckett Part of a trilogy of astonishing monologues in the black comic voice of the author of Waiting for Godot.

Seeking undiscovered literary gems to talk about at dinner parties? Want to delve into the backlist of a certain Great American Author? Well, Flavorwire has got you covered. So after the jump, check out 50 great under-appreciated, under-read, and overshadowed novels by 50 of your favorite authors, and be sure to add any missing ringers to the list. Vladimir Nabokov, Invitation to a Beheading. But — in the English-speaking world at least — less attention is, not surprisingly, afforded to those books Nabokov wrote in Russian, one of the best of which is Invitation to a Beheading , a surreal, Kafkaesque number rife with curiosities and metaphor. Daniel Handler, Adverbs.


Read John Sutherland on Lee's and other American classics. Crane, and as such, theater and film, a pastor in Maine. Dard worked as a journalist in Lyon from to before dedicating himself to novels. This is the last work of fiction Orwell wrote before Animal Farm and Nineteen Eigh.

The Top Ten Famous Authors. Many have long-ago shed "this mortal coil" so sayeth number one, while others welp still living and producing interesting works that keep bookstores afloat. Hermann Hesse. Could there be any Pullman heroine but Lyra in our possessive little hearts.

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