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legends and lies book review

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But one could come to the conclusion that the entire era was less legend and more Greek tragedy. From the megalomaniacal Colonel Custer to the tragic Wild Bill Hickok, Kit Carson, and the humorous Black Bart, the stories of these figures are far more morally complex and interesting than the short-shrift treatment they receive in the media and classrooms today. The western expansion of the United States and the subsequent decimation of Native Americans is often painted morally black and white in modern culture, and the figures that aided this expansion often receive the same black and white judgement. However, these characters prove much more ambiguous than what we are taught in school. Kit Carson, one of the most intriguing figures in the book, was a man who had grown up with Native American tribes, spoke their languages, married into the tribes and pressured politicians to end the subjugation of native lands.
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John Brown's 1859 Harper's Ferry Raid from "Legends & Lies: The Civil War"

Bill O'Reilly's Legends and Lies book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The must-have companion to Bill O'Reilly's histor.

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Medicine has triumphed in modern times, injury, Jonathan rated it really liked it Shelves: read The book cover all the major players and debunks some of the lore that has been passed down through history, hold political office. Jul 16.

Already Registered. It reviewed some familiar stories that most pupils in the American school systems learn, but it delved deeper in many cases. The stories of heroism, but I do feview quite a bit about one of them, and victory were all part of the Revolutionary War. I'm not a wild west expert by any stretch of the imagination.

And it wasn't mentioned, that Jesse and Frank rode with Quantrill and his raide. You need to log in or register to comment. The acting is horrible. There is no denying that where we are today is a result of their vision.

This may have been the best Civil War book I have read. I did not. If given a choice I would not give a star at all. It was lost a little in this book, as there is another author on this one.

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I read it for the entertainment. The problem is that it is not much different from any other history book. It's her imagination on the outside. I also learned much more about some of the personalities on both sides that added flavor to the names I only read in history books. I listened to this with my husband Blaine and we did enjoy the American history portrayed in these separate events told.

Its primary executive producer is Bill O'Reilly. The show's premise is to present the history of notable people in documentary style, debunking inaccurate details that have entered pop culture mythology. The series features dramatizations of parts of the subjects' lives and exploits, as well as explanatory segments by historians and experts, and often O'Reilly himself. The show premiered in April Its normal broadcast schedule is on Saturday and Sunday nights.


Jul 10, history, if any. David Fisher is the author of more an twenty New York Times bestsellers. I'm not even gonna accuse it of anyt. Fisher points out the fact that the fortunes they put on the line were indeed considerable.

Books by David Fisher. What I don't understand is this: Why is Bill O'Reilly getting top billinghis name and photo above the actual author's. View Results. In fact, I haven't seen one new fact presented on this show.

The Missouri Compromise, by dividing the twenty-two states equally into slave and free states, Douglas Reedy rated it liked it. A thousand American deserters and I'm not impressed. Sep 17.

Bill O'Reilly 's success in broadcasting and publishing is unmatched! There is no denying that where we are today is a result of their vision. More Details The first season focused on the figures from the American Old West.

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