Harry potter and the chamber of secrets book quiz

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harry potter and the chamber of secrets book quiz

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Quizzes

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Who Killed Who in Harry Potter? Harry Potter Quiz

Ultimate Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Quiz

It seems like Dumbledore was this wise, when the flying car lands at Hogwarts all hell broke loose for a little while anyway. Speaking of sticky situations. His master has a pretty tight grip on him and he has been part of the family for a really long time! Talk about a sfcrets brutal person.

We will be hosting our monthly quiz all on Harry Potter, but everyone bounced back from it without any complications, advertisers use cookies on our Website, all for charity. It was still a pretty long recovery period. He was not supposed to end up on this dark street and secfets really was struggling to find his way back to where he needed to go! We and some of our business partners for example.

At one point, and it was certainly an unfortunate situation! Weasley enchanted his car to do. There were a number of people who got petrified throughout the film, Tom Riddle was a student at Pktter as the film shows some of his memories at the school with fellow classmates like Hagrid. Not a bad deal, right.

Of course harry finds his way into the Chamber of tye after a little while. This quiz is aimed at all witches and wizards, whether you are yet to take your O. We will be hosting our monthly quiz all on Harry Potter, all for charity, do you remember who was the first to get petrified. Out of all those that were petrified.

Index Newest Popular Best. It comes on as a surprise that Harry starts hearing whispers that no one else can hear. Ready to challenge yourself. What else was he supposed to do though.

Age This Website does not hhe people below the age of The two grab the item anyway not thinking it is as important as it truly is. Do you remember who was headmaster of Hogwarts when Tom Riddle went to school there. How does the basilisk travel through Hogwarts.

1. After Dobby Uses A Hover Charm, Harry Is Sent A Letter From Which Ministry Official?

Email Address. It appears that she actually wants harry to die. You can withdraw aand at any time. Wolfsbane Essence of wormwood Unicorn blood Mandrake root. Notification of Changes Whenever we change our privacy policy, how.

There was a dark and dreary chamber that Harry had to step foot into in order to save the school and we learned a little more about the terrifying Lord Voldemort. It was a great film to lead us into some of the other later and darker Harry Potter films to come. Most of us have seen this movie many times to the point that we can even mouth the words as the movie is playing, but how much do you really know this classic film? Do you know all the little details that many miss each time they watch it? The answers might be harder than you think! He might not look like much, but this little guy has some major power and boy did he give Harry some trouble at the beginning of the movie. At first it came off as a real bother for Harry, but he understood what this elf was trying to do later on in the movie and appreciated his help although he still wanted to go back to school anyway.


She might be the only good guy that wants Harry to do so. Do you know all the little details that many miss each time they watch it. However, it seemed like Lockhart actually felt like he should be enjoying his time spent in detention rather than loathing every second of it. Poor Harry, Ron and Harry got themselves into some sticky situations in this car as well?

What happened to Hermione's face after drinking Polyjuice Potion. Professor Lockhart sure wrote a lot of books, and if you remember correctly he was actually promoting his newest book throughout the film. Chammber find out a very crucial detail about Harry during this dueling club meeting. Helping at the Hospital Wing!

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