Fitz and the fool book 2 recap

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fitz and the fool book 2 recap

Fool's Quest **spoilers***

Posted by Elizabeth Hopkinson Aug 29, Not my first thought. A common thought when reading any story about Fitz and the Fool. The Fitz we see in this new trilogy is not the impulsive boy we remember from earlier stories, but rather a mature man who has learned at least partially the value of taking stock and being prepared before rushing into a situation. Neither will the other people in his life Nettle, Dutiful, Chade let him play the lone wolf any longer. So, instead of a headlong chase, we are once again given a gradually building story. What has become of Bee?
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Fool’s Quest: The Fitz and the Fool Trilogy, Book 2

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Contains spoilers for earlier books in the series. Fool's Quest Review. When Fitz finds out, he'll go insane. That was my thought at the end of.
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For most of the book, they think Bee is a boy, and she goes along with it, because she has seen what the captors do to girls. Fitz, now 60 albeit appearing to be 35 , had been away at the time. He was temporarily staying at Buckkeep Castle, tending to his battered friend The Fool, whom he had not seen for twenty-four years. Fitz believed that Bee would be safe back at Withywoods, and so went to Buckkeep to try to help heal the Fool, who was tortured and in the process blinded by the Servants to find out the whereabouts of The Unexpected Son. The Servants believed this foretold son was the offspring of The Fool. From previous books, readers know immediately what the story is, so to speak, but we have to wait a very long time for Fitz and even the Fool to figure it all out.


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  1. Fool's Quest is the second installment of The Fitz and the Fool Trilogy, So do yourself a favor, go read Assassin's Apprentice (the novel that.

  2. Hall, Marissa. Anderson, Kevin J. Doyle, Bryan. I also put down the "mingling" as reasons why the Fool's skill healing causes injuries to Fitz.🖕

  3. 2 years ago At some point the Fool (who Fitz thinks is too injured to come) stumbles out of the Read all of these books - best series of books I've ever read​.

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