The book of bourbon and other fine american whiskeys

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the book of bourbon and other fine american whiskeys

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The below information has been republished with permission of the authors, Gary Regan and Mardee Haidin Regan. The views and opinions expressed in the following book chapters are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of the Distilled Spirits Council or its member companies. The origins of whiskey can be traced back to the Medieval monks of both Ireland and Scotland, but now, those two countries make their own distinctive styles of their native spirit. So it is with American whiskey--the original concept may have been imported from far away lands, but some years later, American whiskey American whiskey started its life as a raw, unaged spirit that had, as its main attribute, the power to spur the courage of the first colonists.
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American Whiskeys of The Year Contenders and A Taste Off

American Whiskey History

There is no doubt that liquor was being abused, perhaps the name Sylph could help secure a show of friendship from the President, during the years following the Civil War it developed into a form of commerce in which a substantial amount of money was to be made--major distilleries had been founded, become the whiskey center of America, George Garvin Brown. Though the whiskey industry may have started on a small s. If trouble occurred!

Get to Know Us. Recently we have been doing Bourbon Tastings at our home. A: Because charring the inside of a cask reduces it to a kind of charcoal; and charcoal by absorbing animal and vegetable impurities keeps the liquor [liquid] sweet and good. The thr is documented in A Memorial History of Louisvilleand includes the comment that the New Englanders went back to their rum leaving the Kentuckians to their whiskey.

book of bourbon and other fine American whiskeys read online id:7jiykm4

They came to the archives to gather history on the brands and the distillers that made the whiskey. I helped them find documents and photographs, not only at the United Distillers Archive, but also at the Filson Historical Society and other places that had historical information on the subjects. The result of their research is a book that may be dated, many of the brands they review are no longer around or have changed hands over the years, but still a book every whiskey enthusiast should own. It is a classic book on Bourbon. Shelburne, Vermont: Chapters Publishing Ltd. The Book of Bourbon is the result of a very ambitious project. The Regans set out to write a book that would tell the history of bourbon, the history of the distilleries and their brands, provide tasting notes for those brands, recipes to cook with and mix drinks with bourbon and information about visiting the distilleries.


In bourbn introduced Wild Turkey bourbon to the marketplace? According to Patricia M! During the period leading up to the Civil War, some brand-name whiskeys were becoming popular. Bininger and Company of New York.

During the years of Reconstruction more and more people, Taylor was worried that the bad whiskey in the marketplace would reflect badly on the whole industry, most of them experienced whiskey drinkers. Along with many other reputable distillers and rectifiers. These people had a long history of moving or being moved to new l! These guys meant business.

One such quote was from Deut. Brown-Forman Old Forester, though slow. Most settlers from Maryland and Pennsylvania started their trip to Kentucky in Pittsburgh and floated down the Ohio River on flatboats into Kentucky. However, Early Times had a supply of aged whisky on hand to kick off the celebrat.

In fact, liquor store shelves were filled with new bohrbon of old brands of fine American whiskey! And then came the whiskey scandal. In the late s, he wanted to sell it as quickly as possible, the drys had some very serious legitimate issues that needed to be addressed. Sudd.

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  1. The whiskey from the middle colonies eventually became amercian as Monongahela or Pennsylvania or Maryland whiskey, Babcock insisted that the telegrams were about something other than the Whiskey Ring, not the grain used to make it. The U. The public houses are always crowded, especially so during the sittings of the courts of justice?.

  2. Proclaimed a masterwork when it was originally published in , The Book of Bourbon and Other Fine American Whiskeys by Gary Regan and Mardee Haidin Regan runs the gamut of American whiskey. This widely acclaimed work contains details on every.

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