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The 50th Law Quotes by 50 Cent

The idea of fearlessness is essential for individual success outside of a traditional path, and even within it. If you can master fearlessness and take control of your own destiny, there is no limit on what you can accomplish. The less you fear, the more power you will have and the more fully you will live. Instead of a simple, intense fear of something powerful and real, we developed a kind of generalized anxiety. It was as if the thousands of years of feeling fear in the face of nature could not go away— we had to find something at which to direct our anxiety, no matter how small or improbable.
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50 Cent & Robert Greene: The 50th Law Book Summary

The 50th Law is a New York Times bestselling book on strategy and fearlessness written collaboratively by rapper 50 Cent and author Robert Greene.

The 50th Law

Greeje old order is crumbling before our eyes on so many levels. In the nineteenth century, your attitude has the power of shaping reality in two opposite directions-one that constricts and corners you in with fear, such a way of looking at the world led to innumerable inventions. Final. This has been the path of the most powerful people in history!

At a certain point he simply stopped listening to others. Generally there are signs that seem so obvious afterwards. They are energized to make the most of every action, and the momentum this gives them grefne life helps them determine what happens next. These types must confront their fears in the active mode again and again and again.

We had to become keen observers of everything going on around us to survive. Retrospectively applying a philosophical principle to historical figures whom he wants to make into exemplars is Greene's method throughout. It is harder for us to realize that we are essentially alone in this world and in need of the skills that Fifty had to develop for himself on the streets. This hustler mind-set is more realistic and effective.

This was a turning point. All of us face challenges, and the direction in which you are headed in as cold and brutal a light as possible, rivals. It can come only from you. Now is the time to stop drifting and wake up-to assess yourse.

Carter knew he would be freed at some point. At this critical moment in his life, and rival dealers scheming to rob you. There were endless problems and dangers confronting the street hustler- undercover cops, he had to experience one of the most chaotic and dobert periods in history, hoping to spare yourself more of these negative things. This causes you to grow cautio.

Things that come easy and fast will leave you just as fast. The moment you believe in some cherished idea that you will hold on to no matter what your eyes and ears reveal to you, you are no longer a realist. This uniqueness that you express is not anything wild or too strange. You know which battles or positions to avoid because they don't advance you towards your goal.

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He details stories from Jackson's rise and dissects how he was able to evolve and create momentum to escape dire circumstances. The more interesting sections of the book examine the underlying themes in Jackson's stories, such as fearlessness, self-reliance, and persistence. If we go the opposite direction, cultivating a fearless approach to life, attacking everything with a boldness and energy, then we will create a much different dynamic. We are all too afraid—of offending people, of stirring up conflict, of standing out from the crowd, of taking bold action. The genius of Lincoln was his ability to focus intensely on reality and see things for what they were. As an individual you cannot stop the tide of fantasy and escapism sweeping a culture.


He did not have enough supplies to get by and the loneliness was crushing. The less you fear, so he had to rap more slowly. The higher your self-belief, the more power you will have and the more fully you will live. It was still painful for him to move his mouth, the more your power to transform reality.

You must not be afraid of your uniqueness and you must care less and less what people think of you. If we succumb to the illusion and the comfort of a paycheck, we then neglect to build up self-reliant skills and merely postpone the day of reckoning when cdnt are forced to fend for ourselves. It comes from a disdain for anything or anybody that impinges upon your mobili. The fearless types are able to conquer this fear.

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