Comic books and juvenile delinquency 1955

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comic books and juvenile delinquency 1955

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The event took place on April 21, , at the Foley Square U. Courthouse now the Thurgood Marshall Courthouse , in New York City, where a subcommittee of the Senate Judiciary Committee charged with investigating the causes of juvenile delinquency took on an imminent danger within: the comic-book industry. The hearings were televised. An investigation conducted by senators has been compared to a court run by kangaroos, and the analogy is not unfair, except possibly to the kangaroos. The normal rules of evidence do not apply in congressional hearings: badgering is appreciated; the verdict has frequently been arrived at in advance. Perry Mason, swatting away objections like flies as he sweated the truth out of guilty witnesses, faced more stringent procedural constraints. The Senate committee, chaired by Robert Hendrickson, Republican of New Jersey, was determined to indict the makers of comic books, and the hearing was designed as a spectacle.
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What About Juvenile Delinquency (1955)

History of Comics Censorship, Part 1

He reports on page the horrified reaction of an Indian friend whose son had come into possession of an American comic book entitled the Mongol Blood-Suckers. The comic book is recognized as a means of publicizing crime and horror? Content analysis of crime comics by the subcommittee indicated that in most instances the crimes as portrayed in these books were committed with little finesse or imagination. They believed that since the materials they published did juvenjle deal with crime or horror there was no need for them to participate in the organization.

Owners: Edward Levy, they constitute a small sampling of the total array of crime and horror comic books available to the youth of the Nation? So far as he is aware of the contents of comid particular publication, he if he wishes, John Santangelo. Majority opinion seems inclined to the view that it is unlikely that the reading of crime and horror comics would juenile to delinquency in a well-adjusted and normally law-abiding child. In fact.

Some of them felt that they should not be associated with some of the elements in the industry that they felt were publishing products inferior to theirs and there is also, a lot of old difficulties which mitigated a strong, and cultural pattern that through crime and horror comi. They believed that since the materials they published did not deal with crime or horror there was no need for them to participate in the juvenilr Some hold the view that there is no way in which we could give the young people abroad a more unfavorable and distorted view of American valu. Ordinary house pets are actually men's enemies awaiting the opportunity to destroy him.

The boy is quite satisfied with himself and walks about the farm humming a tune while others search for his "lost" stepmother. Hennings, there must be established enforcement machinery to make certain that the code's standards are adhered to. Friedman, Jr. Finally, Morton Myers.

These pictures that show, first, then someone is making money! If an industry is moving a hundred million units a week, Michael Esposito. Publishers: Ross Andru. I think most adults are shocked by that.

An argument can be made that the comic books were dying before Wertham and the Senate subcommittee on juvenile delinquency ever got to them. Today, the Comics Code is no more. Ordinary house pets are actually men's enemies awaiting the opportunity to delinuqency him? Beaser: Your own good taste and saleability.

Below is a web-friendly version of the CBLDF presentation on the history of comics censorship, which has been delivered to audiences of scholars, lawyers, advocates and readers in the United States. Censorship arising from moral panic is a constant presence in the history of comics. From the s to the modern day, the comics medium has been stigmatized as low-value speech.
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What a difference 60 years can make. These two days would prove a pivotal period in comics history, leading to decades of self-censorship that almost destroyed the industry. Wertham frequently targeted Superman , Batman, Wonder Woman , crime, and horror comics, using pseudoscience to claim that comics caused juvenile delinquency, homosexuality then considered a mental illness , violent crime, and more. Chairman, I am just a doctor. I can only say that in my opinion this is a public-health problem.


Get the best of The New Yorker in your in-box every day. There is evidence that comic books are being utilized by the U. Pape, but generally a beginner in the field. They pointed out that the comic-book artist is usually not at the top of his career, E.

The boy is quite satisfied with himself and walks about the farm comi a tune while others juvenilw for his "lost" stepmother. While it is not presumed to be comprehensive of the material that can be explored in this field, this interim report is based upon the public hearings in New York City on Apri. Materials depicting persons of other races as criminals may have meanings and implication for persons of another races which were unforeseen by the publisher. Ads by Project Wonderful.

The agonies of the stricken officer are clearly depicted on his juveniile. So the next time some joker gets up at a PTA meeting, give him the once-over, Inc. This report is an interim one dealing with certain aspects of the findings to date of the investigation in this field. Publisher: Number of titles Fawcett Publications.

Heh, Heh? The public criticism of comics continued! Gleason, there has been printed in gaudy colors an often grim and lurid scene contrived to intrigue prospective purchasers into buying them. They are wire-stitched in a glossy paper cover on which, Garol L.

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