Linear integrated circuits and applications pdf

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linear integrated circuits and applications pdf

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Mention the advantages of integrated circuits. What is the purpose of oxidation? SiO2 is an extremely hard protective coating and is unaffected by almost all reagents. By selective etching of SiO2, diffusion of impurities through carefully defined windows can be accomplished to fabricate various components. Why aluminum is preferred for metallization? What are the popular IC packages available?
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List of linear integrated circuits

What are the different oscillators. Compare the performance of n-p-n and p-n-p transistors with respect to IC fabrication? Explain the various types of digital to analog converters. Sensitivity is defined as the percentage or fractional change in output current per percentage or fractional change in power-supply voltage?

List the broad classification of ADCs. Related Papers. What are the problems associated with switch type phase detector. Where PLL is widely used.

This function isperformed by inetgrated instrumentation amplifier. Mention the characteristics of an ideal op-amp. Licensee agrees that it shall maintain accurate and complete records relating to its activities under Section 2. Name the various protection circuits used for series voltage regulators.

The range of frequencies over which the PLL can maintain lock with the incoming signal is called as lock range. Define sample period and hold period. What is input offset voltage. It converts sinusoidal input into a square wave output?

Where PLL is widely used. The choice of smallest resistor value as 2. A small voltage applied to the input terminals to make the output voltage as zero when the two input terminals are grounded is called input offset voltage. This is called drift.

It is expressed in milli volts or as a percentage of the output voltage. In a number of industrial and consumer applications, the measurement of physical quantities is usually done with the help oftransducers? Since all electronic systems require electrical power, see Mixed-signal integrated circuit. For mixed analog-digital chips, power supply ICs PMICs are important elements of those systems.

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Filter is a frequency selective circuit that passes signal of specified band of frequencies and attenuates the signals of frequencies outside the band Photolithography shares some fundamental principles with photography in that the pattern in the etching circuuts is created by exposing it to light, explain the various steps to implement the circuit into a monolithic IC. How active filters are superior than passive filter? With respect to BJT pvf circuit given below, either using a projected image or an optical mask.

An isolation amplifier is an amplifier that offers electrical isolation between its input and output terminals. Increased operating speeds! Give any 4 applications of a comparator. Design and Explain triangular wave generator using Schmitt trigger and integrator circuit.

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  1. State the advantages of dual slope ADC: It provides excellent noise rejection of ac signals whose periods are integral multiples of the integration time T. What is the advantage of switching regulators. If the common point of the two supplies is not grounded, twice the supply voltage will get applied and it may damage the op-amp. The effect of input bias currents can be reduced by using compensating resistor Rcomp.

  2. Epitaxial growth 3. List the characteristics of opto coupler. What are the requirements for producing sustained oscillations in feedback circuits. Give the classification of tuned amplifier:.

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