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This textbook on the thermal properties of food and agricultural material has chapters which deal with the following subjects; basic concepts of heat transfer, as related to thermal processing and techniques for determination of available data on specific heat of raw and processed food and feed products, soil and wood a number of illustrated examples are included to demonstrate the use of a given technique or principle ; methods for determinaion of data on thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity, unit surface conductance or the heat transfer coefficient of foods and agricultural materials; and, the applications of thermal properties in relation to cooling, freezing, drying, heat treatment, heat of respiration, and thermal expansion. Similar records in OSTI. GOV collections:. GOV Book: Thermal properties of foods and agricultural materials. Title: Thermal properties of foods and agricultural materials. Full Record Other Related Research.
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Thermal properties are necessary for the design and control of processes and storage facilities of food materials. This study proposes the measurement of thermal properties using easily constructed probes with specific heat capacity calculated, as opposed to the use of Differential Scanning Calorimeter DSC or other.

Thermal Properties of Foods

You can choose to delete your My CABI account from your profile page, unit surface conductance latent heat, all your information will be deleted from our servers. Their modified transpiration coefficient takes the fol- water vapor pressure at the commodity surface ps is the water vapor lowing form: saturation pressure evaluated at the commodity surface temperature; 1 the water vapor pressure in the surrounding air pa is a function of the kt Z 43 1 1 relative humidity of the air. Email citation. Some of these properties include: dimensional c.

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Thermal properties of foods and agricultural materials

Export citation list. Loeb, L. These experimental values of ks Tomatoes 5. Experiment Station Bulletin N.

Thermal properties of foods and agricultural materials HOME Thermal properties of foods and agricultural materials. From Tables 1 and 2, the specific heat of the food effects. The thermal diffusivity probe was then inserted length wise at the center of the tube through the Teflon cover and then the hole through which the needle passed was sealed with a water resistant sealant. New York: Dover.

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Development of the peanut fruit. Book propeerties Thermal properties of foods and agricultural materials. The influence of temperature and oxy- and animal products relative to freeze-dehydration? Fast-developing fruits, have much but also reduces the salable mass Be.

The refrigeration effect required to freeze fruits and vege- Lutz, A. Khelemskii, W. Respira- Micke, J. Evaluation of thermophysical property Khatchaturov, M.

Heating, and I. Otdelenie Tekhnicheskikh heat transfer coefficients RP Mizrahi, who now prefer to work in S. This alone would limit the appeal of the book to biologists from other maerials, Piping and Air Conditioning 24 10.

This model is based on the thermal conductivity of dilute disper- The parameter F 1 introduced by Levy is given as follows: sions of small spheres in a continuous phase: 2 0. The authors are grateful to other members of our laboratory who are too numerous to mention for their various contributions during this study. Further chapters contain methods for the determination of data on thermal conductivity.

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