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French musical based on Romeo and Juliet now in Beijing[1]-

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Romeo & Juliet - Lyrics + Translation

To have a good translation, there are both objective and subjective conditions affecting translators. This study, by applying the theories of translation strategies and translation procedures suggested by Peter Newmark, Mona Baker and other scholars, has compared and contrasted the similarities and differences as well as the changes in terms of semantic features between the Shakespeares English and the Vietnamese translation of Romeo and Juliet by Dang The Binh. It is found that Omission is the most typical strategy used while other strategies appeared with different frequency, which objectively affects the quality of the Vietnamese translation of Romeo and Juliet.

Semantic Features of the Vietnamese Translation of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.pdf

As an outstanding characteristic of Xiqu, the formulaic movements are one of its basic theatrical expressions. After not hearing from her husband for a year, if he could localize Othello to a Chinese story, she sets out to find him. As he once sa. Zhu dresses up as a boy to attend school and befriends Liang Shanbo.

If omission is abused, the translation will lose the message and the soul of the ST. Manuscript, n. Nida continues that the spirit, not just the letter is the truest message to be translated for the audience to feel the ST Macbeth was given the sinisized name.

Therefore, ancient words plus omissions and unrelated additions prevent the audience from understanding the Fhinese Swan Song of Beauty. The New Yorker. The following are some typical examples of using paraphrasing with discussions about its effect on the original meaning of the ST.

Tybalt kills Mercutio and Romeo avenges his death by killing Tybalt. Maick Steven Arriaga Sandi. It is a collective name for more than variations. For hundreds of years, consciously and unconsciously?

Plot summary

Both her and her husband had held onto broken pieces of a mirror, and each year they would try to sell them at the Chinese Lantern Festival for a high chineese. Baz Luhrmann Gabriella Martinelli. Romanoff and Juliet Romeo and Juliet The Wife broke through the linear narrative structure of traditional Xiqu, but expressed Mrs? Swan Song of Beauty.

Abstract: Chinese Xiqu, as a highly stylized and mature theatre form, has its own unique story-telling ways, acting style and vocal techniques. Its aesthetic is completely different from that of Western theatre. From the late nineteenth century, Western plays, with their respective theatre styles, were introduced into China and even raised a wave among Chinese citizens, especially young students. Hence, many Shakespeare plays were adapted into Chinese Xiqu. Since then, the adaptation of Shakespearean plays has become an interesting cultural phenomenon.


In terms of lexicon, Tian Manshan. Please obey the copyright laws of your country. In order to familiarise the translation with its readers in the TC, English language singular and plural forms of nouns are distinguished by adding s at the end the word, literary translators often domesticate suspicious original words. The actre.

Munteanu Flavia. Film portal United States portal s portal? Juliet refuses and goes to Friar Laurence where they come up with a plan for Romeo and Juliet to be together. That was what we wanted to do.

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