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For many artists, it can be a difficult task to learn the intricate ins and outs of art promotion. Many feel that they have to go about this all on their own and that no one wants to help them. Others think that their particular art is too complex for someone else to present and feel that artist promotion should be their responsibility. Both of these ideas aren’t true but are stumbling blocks for learning how to promote art.

Art, whether it be paintings, sculptures, photography, or some other form, are all marketed in similar fashions. The methods for promotion has certainly changed in the more recent years. Gone are the days where an artist had to be noticed by a well-known gallery in order to have their art displayed and shown off to the world. It was highly unlikely that someone in Australia could easily show their work in locations such as Europe and the United States and have a collector buy their work just due to the limitations on travel and the difficulty for gaining visibility.

In a way, art promotion has become simpler to do with the advent of the internet, social media, and convenient travel. Many artists have embraced the changing times, while others have not. Those who have not embraced the new norms are struggling more to get their artwork in front of the eyes of those who would purchase it for collections or desire to put it on display on a larger stage. Even some artists who have tried to get into social media and the internet advertising are still struggling to do it properly and give up.

How To Promote Art Today

As I already mentioned, social media and the internet are the primary ways to promote art in this day in age. As of mid-2017, Facebook alone had over 2 billion monthly active users. Considering there are approximately 7.5 billion people on the earth, Facebook has managed to convince over a quarter of the world’s population to use their social network at least on a monthly basis. And we know that many of those users use it daily. So, I’ll ask – do you have a Facebook page for your art, or your artist profile?

Looking more into why to use Facebook, it is also known that approximately 1.2 billion people using Facebook Messenger. So out of the 2 billion people who use the network, 1.2 billion are using it enough that they utilize the platform to communicate with others. Are you starting to see why this network is so vital to be a part of? If people are using it for communication, then they are likely using it for more than just looking at memes, and instead, something meaningful.

If we dig into social media further, we see that Instagram, now owned by Facebook, has 700 million monthly users, and growing. Considering Instagram is completely based around sharing images you can see easily why it would be a valuable tool for displaying and promoting art. But there is more to it than just posting an image, and I’ll get into it more later.

Between Facebook and Instagram is another network that has been growing in popularity ever since it got started: YouTube. Owned by Google, YouTube is a great place for self-promotion by uploading videos, but it is a network that is not always utilized by artists.

These are just 3 of the biggest social networks out there, but certainly not the only ones. There is Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, and others, but those have much fewer users than the top three, so I’m just going to dig into the big ones for now. Just note that the tips I get into for art promotion below can also be used on ANY social network in order to increase your visibility.

Do I Need A Website?

Yes. Well, that is just my opinion, but if you want to be taken seriously as an artist who wants to promote their own work, then what better way? Think of it this way, many artists strive to either have their own gallery or have their artwork shown in a gallery. Well, a website that features only you is your own online gallery. With the increase in internet usage around the world, it is almost foolish to not have a website. Building your own website is a way to show off you and to build a profile that others can view and share. This is where you can publish images of your art and discuss what it means to you and you thoughts and feelings behind the creation of it. I go through how to build an artist website in other parts of the website, so I won’t go through the details here, but it can be as simple as a gallery of images and a detailed “About Me” page.

A website should be the first thing you create to promote yourself online as an artist. This is where all of your social media sites will point to when visitors want to learn more about you. This is where galleries will go to learn more about you and see your comprehensive collection of art when they are trying to decide whether they will include your art in their gallery. Your website is your own personal art gallery.

How to Use Social Media for Art Advertising

Building a profile on the big three social media sites is almost necessary to promote your art through advertising. It is a way to build up your own network and get discovered. Take Instagram, for example. Instagram is one of the best ways to get discovered due to the many “hubs” that promote anything from watches, to dog toys, to camping supplies. Everything is promoted, and when these hubs have many followers there is a higher likelihood that someone that is a follower will want to buy what the hub is promoting.

This is why we have our own hub at DelightfulArt. We use our Instagram page to promote artists to collectors, gallery owners, and curators in order to get them visibility in the hopes that they will be recognized for their skill and work and find people who desire to own some of their works.

When using social media, it is important to post often. Whether it is on Facebook or Instagram, the frequency of posts means a higher chance of people seeing it. All social networks have a way to decide what posts to show to which people, so the more that you post, the better chances you have that your post will be displayed to the right people.

If you aren’t interested in promoting your own art, you can always work with the large hubs on Instagram who will promote your art for you. We also do that here and promote art across our entire social media network.

YouTube is a little more difficult to get started with, but it can certainly pay off if you decide to buckle down and figure it all out. Videos are an important part to people’s lives now and one of the things that people love to watch is something being created. Whether it is wood art that is being carved from a block of wood, or a timelapse video of an artist starting from scratch and finishing with an amazing work of art, people love to watch the transformation take place. Videos that show something creative have a higher chance of being viewed for the entirety. People want to see what is at the end. The anticipation that builds while someone watches a video of art grows as they want to know how in the world you are going to transition that piece of plain canvas into a colorful work of art. The longer people spend watching your videos, the higher chance you have of your next video being recommended to others for watching.

How Do I Get Started?

We have some simple guides that we have created for using Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube that you should review if you want to start building your social media network in order to increase your visibility. It is highly recommended that you follow our guides as these processes have worked for many people in their attempts to grow their own following.

As already mentioned, you should certainly have a website. And even if you aren’t technical and have no idea how to make a website, we can guide you through it, every step of the way. Our simple guide can have you up and running in no time with a nice website that you can use for self-promotion.

No matter what, you just need to get started. The internet is not going away, nor are social media websites. And with the popularity of these things in everyday life, it is in your best interest to mark your territory on the web so that curators and collectors alike can find your work and purchase it.


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