love burning man sculpture

Those of you who took part in the 2015 Burning Man may recognize this work of sculpture as one of the main art installations at the yearly festival. Created by the Ukrainian artist, Alexandr Milov, the title of the piece is simply “LOVE.”

The sculpture depicts two figures, a man and a woman created from metal tubes. They are hollow shells of who they are as they sit back to back in apparent shame or sadness. They hold their knees and bury their heads in self-reflection.

love sculpture sunset
Image credits: just_shot_of_jameson

Inside the hollow shells are transparent children, longing to get out of the metal framework that has become their prison. As the sky becomes dark with night, the children begin to shine from within. While the man and woman are sad and with shame, their inner child longs to get out and beams with a sense of purity.

The children are reaching for each other showing the innocence of youth and the willingness to make up and forgive even in the darkest hour.

burning man babies sculpture night
Image credits: Vitaly Deynega

The beautiful message came at a time when Ukraine was threatened with civil war. LOVE also represents the first time that a Ukrainian artist received a grant from Burning Man to bring his sculpture.

Below you can see a video of the assembly of this metal sculpture.


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