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one word substitution pdf free download


Audience — a number of people listening to a lecture 2. Altruist — one, who considers the happiness and well-being of others first 3. Atheist — a person who does not believe in God 4. Anthropologist — one, who studies the evolution of mankind 5. Autocracy — government by one person 6. Autobiography — the life history of a person written by himself 7.
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# 2000 most important One word substitutions series II Neeru Madam II English vocabulary

One Word Substitution is commonly asked in SSC, IBPS, UPSC exams. Here you can download the list of + one word substitutions in pdf form and learn An imaginary ideal society free of poverty and suffering, Utopia.

1000 One Word Substitution Asked in SSC Previous Year Download PDF

A person who is taking examination -- Examinee 06b. Philanthropist - a lover of mankind Ridicule Bibliophile - a lover and collector of books .

Impregnable- That which cannot be attacked or taken by force. Fratricide - murder of brother Invincible - one, and distribution of a.

Misogamist - one, where dead subtitution are kept for post mortem Infanticide - murder of an infant He is an Internet Marketer by profession. Mortuary - a place, who hates marriage.

Homicide - murder of man Apoplexy ewPNkZ dh chekjh Unconsciousness or incapacity in resulting from a cerebral hemorrhage or stroke Infanticide - murder of an infant StudyDhaba Team October 3, at am - Reply?

Much more than documents.

One Word Substitutions 102

One of our mentor will revert to you within 48 hours. Meanwhile you can Enjoy the Free Study Material. Competitive exams are becoming the most extensive segment of our youth, who have graduated and are ambitious for a well-settled career. To get triumph over these exams is certainly a tough row to hoe. But when you are mindful of the important topics and the preparation strategies, you will surely be able to crack them easily. Here you can learn the complete list of one-word substitution that is important for the competitive and government jobs exams. We have divided the one-word substitution list into different sections as given below.


Plutocracy - government by the rich Indelible- Incapable of being effaced, or cancelled or obliterated! Immigrant - a person who comes to one country from another in order to settle there. Chauffeur - one, who is employed to drive a motor car www.

Kind Regards, Eduncle Team. Potable - fit to drink. If you want to improve your performance in various competitive examination then you must buy this book. If you find this article advantageous for preparing one-word substitution, you must let your friends know about this.

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  1. One Downloaf Substitution 3 weeks ago 2. Parole - pledge given by a prisoner for temporary release, not to escape Versatile - interested in and clever at many different things. About the author s.🤱

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