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Michael Kagan is an artist whose unique style of painting has created many art lovers from typically unlikely sources. His works are usually engineering based or re-creations of iconic images in his own style of painting, therefore appealing to many people in the engineering or aviation communities.

michael kagan art 2Kagan’s paintings consist of individual distinct brushstrokes that, when viewed from a close distance, make the painting look abstract. Standing further from the subject reveals how each abstract brushstroke works with the surrounding strokes to form a large, clear image. Each painting looks different depending on how far the subject is standing from the artwork.

Born in Virginia, Michael Kagan now lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. He received his MFA from the New York Academy of Art in 2005, where he also completed a postgraduate fellowship.

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Pharrell Williams, NASA, Jay Leno, and even the Smithsonian have his paintings in their collections. His most recent solo exhibitions have taken place at the Joshua Liner Gallery in New York. For more of Michael’s artwork, visit his website, Instagram, or Facebook.

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